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Better ML models through data exploration, curation & quality assurance.


Data management for machine learning


Improving your models starts with improving your data.

  • Better-Performing Models

  • Optimized Labeling Spend

  • Collaborative Data Curation

Data Inputs

Supported Annotation Types


  • Bounding Box Bounding Boxes
  • Classification Classification
  • Segmentation Segmentation
  • Polygons Polygons
  • Polylines Polylines
  • Cuboids Cuboids
  • Points Points


  • Bounding Boxes Bounding Boxes
  • Classification Classification
  • Segmentation Segmentation
  • Polygons Polygons
  • Polylines Polylines
  • Cuboids Cuboids
  • Points Points

3D and Sensor Fusion

  • Cuboids Cuboids
  • Point Point


Powerful features to help you curate impactful datasets and build better models faster.

“As Nuro works to ensure efficient deliveries as safely as possible, we depend on tools like Nucleus to curate edge cases which we can use to train ever more accurate and capable models.”

Jack Guo

Head of Autonomy Platform, Nuro

“Motive encounters all manners of surprising edge cases in real world data collection, so when it comes to knowing we’re labeling the most valuable subset of our collected data, we turn to Scale Nucleus. Its intuitive visualizations, query engine and Autotag help our teams improve both data quality and models, all in the same motion.”

Ali Rehan

Engineering Manager AI/Vision Products, Motive

“The powerful search capabilities and easy-to-use tools made it easy for us to get started with our existing library of annotations.”

Oliver Monson

Senior Manager, Data Operations, Velodyne Lidar

“At Pickle Robot, our vision systems must maintain high performance across environments with widely varying box configurations and changing lighting conditions. Scale Validate helps us rapidly iterate with confidence that new models never dip below metric thresholds.”

Ariana Eisenstein

Chief Technology Officer, Pickle Robot

“Once our data was uploaded, we were able to train, validate and deploy 3 classifiers to our full dataset to identify police cars, ambulances, and firetrucks in just 4 hours, identifying a large number of these rarer case images to send to labeling. This process would have taken weeks without Nucleus.”

Varun Sundar Rabindranath

ML and Perception Engineer, Magna International


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All pricing is for data that does not contain Restricted Information, as defined by Scale AI’s Master Software and Services Agreement. For projects that contain Restricted Information, or for public sector or government projects that require specialized data handling or security, please contact us.


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