Applying leading commercial AI technology to the federal government.

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Accelerating AI for the Federal Government

Scale applies its leading commercial technology to the Federal Government including:

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Executive Office of the President

  • Executive Office of the President, Vice President, and Commissions

  • The Cabinet

  • Executive departments, independent agencies and other boards, commissions and committees

Legislative Branch

  • House of Representatives

  • Senate

Judicial Branch

  • Supreme Court

  • Appellate Courts

  • District Courts

  • Bankruptcy Courts

  • Article 1 Courts

Use Cases

Advanced, Mission-Ready AI for the Federal Government

Mission-focused federal organizations need help to improve their support for the constituents who rely on them most. Artificial intelligence holds promise for helping them safely deliver accurate, efficient, and effective services.

Computer Vision

Satellite imagery analysis for oil spills, ocean waste, drought mapping, wildfire risk, invasive species detection, methane emission hotspots.

Object detection and tracking from satellite imagery and cameras - ships, airplanes, and land vehicles.

Package screening and screening at Ports of Entry - detection of narcotics, contraband, weapons, and other illegal goods.


Autonomous marine vehicles to protect our coasts and explore the unknown.

Autonomous Drones to monitor our borders and expand our horizons.

Autonomous Vehicles to safely transport us across the country.


Summarization of documents and knowledge bases at massive scale - Advanced search and summaries capable of summarizing all of the information from the National Archives, IRS documents, Court Rulings, research studies, the FDA, and other agencies.

Generative AI to help lawmakers draft and critique policies, bills, and reports.

Agency Chatbots to streamline operations and improve external interactions with constituents and trading partners.

Why Scale

Unlock Your New Superpowers With Scale AI

Scale is a pure-play AI company with deep expertise in computer vision machine learning and the natural language processing used in large language models.


Since its origin, Scale has supported "life and limb" AI use cases such as self-driving cars and government intelligence programs.


Scale has achieved authority to operate approvals from Authorizing Officials in the US Federal Government, including for controlled unclassified information and classified networks.

Responsible AI

Scale supports governments and the Fortune 500 with test and evaluation capabilities and high-quality training datasets to help meet ethical and responsible AI objectives.


Scale continues to push the boundaries of what AI can deliver for the public sector. Our innovation becomes your application.


Trusted by Federal Agencies and World-Class Companies

We partner with federal agencies to help them put AI to work to help them deliver on their missions. We developed the platform to evaluate leading Generative AI Systems at DEF CON 31 as Announced by the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy OSTP. We also partner with leading model builders like OpenAI to evaluate the safety of their models.

Automated systems should be developed with consultation from diverse communities, stakeholders, and domain experts to identify concerns, risks, and potential impacts of the system. Systems should undergo pre-deployment testing, risk identification and mitigation, and ongoing monitoring that demonstrate they are safe and effective based on their intended use, mitigation of unsafe outcomes including those beyond the intended use, and adherence to domain-specific standards.

Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights

Office of Science and Technology Policy, White House

Robust red-teaming is essential for building successful products, ensuring public confidence in AI, and guarding against significant national security threats. Model safety and capability evaluations, including red teaming, are an open area of scientific inquiry, and more work remains to be done.

Moving AI governance forward

See it in action

Scale’s Mariupol Damage Identification Dataset

Scale’s Damage Identification as a Service was named one of Times best inventions of 2022 and features our work identifying damage to buildings in Mariupol Ukraine. Scale also developed an open dataset including annotations that supports structure and damage identification use cases. This highlights Scale’s ability to provide large-scale data and AI services to the public sector, and this use can case be applied to other use cases for the DoD and Government Agencies working on disaster response.

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