Why I Joined Scale AI

by Mark Valentine on May 24th, 2021

Why I Joined Scale AI cover

I cannot express how excited I am to join the team at Scale. To understand why, one needs to look no farther than my background. Over the past 33 years, I’ve dedicated my career to serving our country, keeping our citizens safe, and improving the technology our warfighters and analysts use to protect us. I’ve seen first-hand how artificial intelligence (AI) already has and will continue to change our world.

I swore an oath over three decades ago and I remain committed to it today. While I’m not able to fly my old fighter jet, I can and will contribute by helping our country adopt and operationalize AI. Enter Scale.

I was introduced to Scale during my time as General Manager of National Security at Microsoft, when we supported a mutual U.S. Department of Defense customer. I was immediately impressed by the technology and – more importantly – the people. From the CEO to the front line, the entire team was committed to customer success and delivering the right knowledge and the right technology at the right time to achieve operational impact. As I dug deeper, I learned these activities weren’t just demonstrations to excite investors, they were part of the team’s DNA. It was their purpose. And they were really (really) good at it.

The U.S. government is at the precipice of AI adoption. There are numerous private companies conducting countless AI experiments. Most, however, treat AI as an out-of-reach, custom commodity. What if it isn’t? What if we could operationalize and democratize AI so warfighters, analysts, and mission owners could have ready-access to AI capabilities? What if we gave them the tools to translate the complex pipeline of AI activities into something no more complicated than building a spreadsheet? This is what Scale does. Every day.

Scale is full of phenomenally talented people, creating outstanding technology, who are committed to the success of our country. I can’t wait to see how, together, we accelerate AI readiness across the U.S. government.

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