Scale Rapid: Fast Experimentation with Production-Quality Labels

byon July 19, 2021

For many ML teams, acquiring high quality labeled data is a barrier to

iterating quickly on different models. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer

early access to Scale Rapid, a new

product that enables machine learning engineers and researchers to

receive high-quality labels and instruction feedback in as little as one


With Scale Rapid, you can:

  • Create your own labeling projects
  • Upload your data labeling via UI or API
  • Design and submit your own labeling instructions
  • Direct quality improvements with new or updated evaluation tasks

Scale was founded to solve the challenge of scaling data labeling pipelines to

production-level volumes. Today, as more diverse and agile teams experiment

with ML, those teams are all too often blocked by the inability to update and

receive prompt feedback on labeling instructions for rapid iteration. Scale

Rapid solves for this by providing:

  1. Production-quality labels at lower volumes

  2. More insight and control over labelling workflow through quality and
  3. throughput metrics, including edge case detection

  4. No minimum commitments, annual contracts, or platform fees. You can pay as
  5. you go, per label, not hourly rates—with a credit card, not a contract

Our product architects have worked closely with some of the most seasoned deep

learning and ML teams in the world. We quickly realized that getting quality

labeled data, and getting it fast, is often the obstacle to getting good

results from experimental models. In order to stay agile, research teams and

startups alike need access to the best training data possible in the shortest

amount of time. Scale Rapid solves these problems by using Scale’s core

operations infrastructure and enabling an iterative feedback loop with the


Currently in Early Access,

Scale Rapid gives customers the fastest

way to production-quality labels with no data minimums, while offering full


What customers are saying about Rapid:

Collectability Quote

Other research and engineering groups at Adobe, Bossanova, Grata, Square,

and X2 AI are also labeling rightsized batches of data with Scale Rapid.

If you are looking for a cost-effective data annotation solution for rapid

experimentation, join the waitlist or contact us today for more information

on our early access program.

To learn more about Scale Rapid, watch our

Tech Talk that was held

on August 18th, we walked through a live demo and took questions.

Other recent product advances:

Scale Rapid isn’t our only recent product development. To expand on the

image training needs for autonomous vehicle customers, we launched

Scale Mapping to address both

computer vision and path planning needs. Also,

Scale Nucleus helps you curate your

dataset and select edge cases, false positives, and under-represented

classes for labeling rather than simply randomly sampling your dataset for


Join the waitlist or

contact us today for more information

on our early access program.

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