Scale's Talented Engineering Team

by The Scale Team on September 6th, 2022

Scale's Talented Engineering Team cover

We've had an incredible group of people join Scale—and we’re still hiring! Meet the engineers who are accelerating the development of AI applications:

Albert Sheu

Albert is a fifteen-year veteran of the tech and startup industry, including having worked as the second engineer at Quora and the Head of Engineering at Patreon. His experience runs up and down the stack, working on distributed systems, developer experience, WebGL interfaces, and all areas in the frontend and backend. At Scale he developed the early 3D labeling pipeline, and has also worked on Scale’s Nucleus and Synthetic Data products.

Jack Wu

Jack Wu, previously was a manager at Niantic where he built the Platform Infrastructure team from scratch and led the team to rebuild the Niantic million QPS, planet scale Augmented Reality platform on an alternate Cloud provider. Prior to transitioning to management, Jack was an early engineer at Uber and LinkedIn where he spent most of time building large volume data storage, data analytics and data security systems and saw both companies grow more than 10X during his tenure.

Yuting Duan

Yuting worked at Google as a Staff Software Engineer and Engineering Manager and studied at CMU. She worked on some of the most large-scale consumer-facing products: Google Search and Google Maps and founded 2 full-stack teams in Google to help users find food wherever they are, whenever they are.

Shah Xia

Shah has previously worked at Bytedance where she was the Chief of Staff to the CEO. She was part of the early team to incubate the TikTok app, and later directed its global expansion strategy. She is receiving her MBA from Wharton.

Sam Clearman

Sam Clearman received his PhD in Mathematics at Lehigh for his work in algebraic combinatorics. He worked at Google using statistical methods to improve Android battery life before joining Scale in 2018. At Scale, he has worked on pretty much everything, but he has always returned to marketplace management and incentive design. In his spare time, he flies planes (sometimes upside down), and enjoys making games such as 2etris [], Down for a Block [], and Up for a Camel [**/****]. **

Sasha Harrison

Sasha Harrison received a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematical and Computational Sciences, and a Master's Degree in Computer Science from Stanford University, where her concentration was in Deep Learning. As a student, she conducted research projects related to algorithmic fairness in computer vision and NLP, and was an intern at Google and Microsoft. At Scale, Sasha has worked across new products and ML, in particular, helping to develop scalable batch inference infrastructure as well as deep learning models for application to the content understanding data annotation vertical.

Calvin Huang

Calvin Huang met Alexandr Wang at the US Physics Camp just before starting to study electrical engineering and computer science at MIT. While at MIT, Calvin did research in SMT solving and natural language processing. After graduation, Alex recruited Calvin to join Scale as an early engineer, where he built out a large portion of the infrastructure stack and developer tooling, and helped the core systems scale as Scale did.

Vivek Muppalla

Vivek is an industry veteran who has worked in and lead intraprenual efforts across startups and large companies. His experience is leading full stack engineering and product teams. Most recently he was an early member of Unity’s AI & simulation team, and helped Unity become a leader in the Synthetic data and Robotics simulation space. At Scale, he is focused on building our Simulation based products.