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The Learning Curve: Fireside Chat with Emily Denton

Recorded Dec 9th @ 10PM Coordinated Universal Time

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The Learning Curve: Fireside Chat with Emily Denton

In this tech talk, held in conjunction with NeurIPS, Aerin Kim, Engineering Manager of Scale AI’s ML Team, is joined by Emily Denton of Google’s Ethical AI team for a fireside chat. Aerin and Emily will discuss the role of subjectivity and interpretation in data annotation and take your questions.

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Emily Denton

Emily Denton is a Research Scientist on Google’s Ethical AI team, studying the societal impacts of machine learning and AI technology. Emily's recent research centers on critically examining the norms, values, and work practices that structure the development and use of machine learning datasets. Prior to joining


    Aerin Kim

    Aerin Kim is the Engineering Manager at Scale AI, turning raw data into high-quality training data using machine learning powered pre-labeling. She is fascinated by the science aspect of training data, the one and only input of deep learning that determines the performance of the model. Prior to Scale, Aerin was a


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