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The Learning Curve: Fireside Chat with Dr. Yisong Yue

Recorded Dec 9th @ 10PM Coordinated Universal Time

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The Learning Curve: Fireside Chat with Dr. Yisong Yue

In this tech talk, held in conjunction with NeurIPS, Russell Kaplan, Head of Nucleus at Scale AI, is joined by Dr. Yisong Yue for a fireside chat. Russell and Dr. Yue will discuss how research that's happening in academia might translate to industry in the future.

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Dr. Yisong Yue

Yisong Yue is a professor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences at the California Institute of Technology. He was previously a research scientist at Disney Research. Before that, he was a postdoctoral researcher in the Machine Learning Department and the iLab at Carnegie Mellon University. He received a Ph.D. fro


Russell Kaplan

Russell Kaplan leads Scale Nucleus, Scale's Dataset IDE for machine learning engineers. He was previously founder and CEO of Helia AI, a computer vision startup for real-time video understanding, which Scale acquired in 2020. Before that, Russell was a senior machine learning scientist on Tesla's Autopilot team, a


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