Training Data for Autonomous Robotics

Powering Computer Vision for manufacturing with highly accurate training and validation data.


Images, Videos or 3D Cuboids

Scale generates high quality datasets for all data labeling needs.

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Environment Perception

Inventory Handling

Inventory Sorting

Predictive Maintenance

Quality Control

Logistics Management


A Comprehensive Set of Tools

Built by machine learning engineers for machine learning engineers, our rich set of tools can handle a wide range of labeling requirements.

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Pixel Perfection

Multiple Classes

Reduce Compliance Risk

Why We Do

Data Labeling for LLMs

The world’s most ambitious AI teams trust Scale to provide highest quality data for their language models. Our platform offers a highly specialized workforce across languages and domains with unparalleled scalability and flexible tools.

Flexible Annotation

Instant Feedback Loop

Get the data you need with customized training workflows and a fast feedback loop with minimal overhead.

Proven Scalability

Exponential Ramp

Quickly ramp up to production volumes without sacrificing quality. Our global workforce, combined with cutting-edge technology like advanced linting, ensures we deliver on complex labeling needs.


Trusted by World Class Companies

Autonomous Robotics is trusted by leading machine learning teams to develop more accurate models.

Since starting our partnership with Scale, our data annotation needs have evolved and changed multiple times. The team at Scale has done an excellent job responding to increases in volume and refinement to our annotation rules.

Jonathan Hirokawa

Data Engineer, Sea Machine Robotics

At Pickle Robot, our vision systems must maintain high performance across environments with widely varying box configurations and changing lighting conditions. Scale Validate helps us rapidly iterate with confidence that new models never dip below metric thresholds.

Ariana Eisenstein

Chief Technology Officer, Pickle Robot

Before we started working with Scale Rapid, we were annotating data in-house. We didn’t have the infrastructure to complete thousands of annotations quickly, so we needed to find a scalable approach for data annotation. With Scale Rapid, we can request annotations and get results within 24 to 48 hours.

Yi Li

Head of Computer Vision, Ambi Robotics

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