Open Datasets

Index of Open Datasets for Autonomous Driving

Scale Collaborations

Advancing Research and Development

Large-scale datasets for cutting-edge autonomous vehicle research.

Semantic Segmentation

Datasets of images segmented at the pixel level.

2D Bounding Box

Datasets of images or videos annotated with bounding boxes.

Lines & Splines

Datasets of images or videos annotated with lines and splines.

Driveability Dataset Index

This website hosts an up-to-date index of publicly available datasets for autonomous driving research. We hope that this page will make it easier to discover and share open datasets.

To provide practical guidance on when to use which dataset, we categorize the datasets by the data modalities they contain.

If you have a dataset which you'd like included on this page, please email us: [email protected].

a Scale meeting
a Scale meeting

Scale’s Mission

Scale’s mission is to accelerate the development of AI by democratizing access to intelligent data.

Our suite of managed labeling services such as Sensor Fusion Cuboids, Video Annotation, 2D Box Annotation, 3D Cuboid Annotation, Semantic Segmentation, and Categorization combine manual labeling with best in class tools and machine driven checks to yield stunningly accurate training data.