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Powering augmented and virtual reality with highly accurate training and validation data.

Use Cases

Flexible platform to support all use cases

Our combination of humans and machine learning is built to solve a wide range of use cases. Our goal is to power innovation, wherever that may be.

  • Autonomous check-out

    Autonomous check-out

    Identify products in the shopping cart and bill the customer directly for frictionless check-out.

  • Personalized recommendations

    Personalized recommendations

    Understand the customer behavior to deliver recommendations that will convert in a purchase.

  • Search relevance

    Search relevance

    Understand the true intention behind a search term and surface the most relevant results for a customer.

  • Customer Support

    Customer Support

    Offer customers quick and relevant solutions by understanding their problems better to retain customer satisfaction.

  • Shelf management

    Shelf management

    Identify empty shelfs in real-time to minimize lost revenue, and optimize shelf placement of products to maximize sales.

  • Trend and Sentiment Analysis

    Trend and Sentiment Analysis

    Analyze facial expressions, user reviews, social media, and support calls to understand customer sentiment.

  • In-store Staffing Optimization

    In-store Staffing Optimization

    Understand foot traffic trends in real-time to optimize staff presence in aisles and check-out counters.

  • Theft Prevention

    Theft Prevention

    Identify suspicious behavior and intervene in real-time to prevent loss due to theft and malevolent behavior.


Realize the benefits of AI for your organization, at a fraction of the cost.

Enhance customer experience

Understand customer sentiment, personalize recommendations, improve search relevance, deliver targeted offers.

Improve operational efficiency

Enable autonomous check-out, replenish empty shelfs, optimize staffing based on foot traffic trends.

Maximize profitability

Forecast demand with accuracy, optimize inventory, improve cart abandonment rates, stop online fraud and in-store theft.


Accelerate the Development of AI

Enter Scale AI, the end-to-end AI platform that helps you accelerate the development of AI and significantly reduce the cost of AI implementation. AI technology leaders in retail, such as Standard Cognition, choose to partner with us for the following reasons:

  • labels icon

    ML-powered data labeling

    The Scale AI Platform is built by machine learning engineers for machine learning engineers. Our ML models pre-label the data to significantly reduce the cost and the time required to complete annotation tasks.

  • cycle icon

    Highly trained workforce

    We have a workforce of 30,000+ highly trained data labelers across the globe. As your data labeling needs grow over time, you can count on us to scale the workforce needed to meet your goals, and rest assured the quality will not suffer.

  • award icon

    SLAs for quality and throughput

    As a result of our ML-powered pre-labeling and well-trained workforce, we provide accuracy of over 99%. We will provide you high quality training data at a fraction of the cost, in a fraction of the time it would take otherwise.

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    Ready-to-use AI models

    We have in-house machine learning experts and the platform to generate high quality training data quickly. Combining these capabilities enables us to provide accurate machine learning models to meet your business needs.

Platform Features

The Scale AI Platform

Take the pain out of annotating data and creating high quality datasets for any natural language or speech application.




High Quality
Labeled Data

Active Learning

Model Deployment

Model Training

  • Data Annotation

    High Quality, expensive data for model training.

  • AI Solutions

    High scalable AI models for large-scale deployments.

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