Retail & eCommerce

Powering eCommerce with AI solutions and accurate, robust, and up-to-date data.

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Flexible AI Ops platform to power innovation in retail and eCommerce

Our combination of human and machine learning workflows solve a wide range of use cases. Our goal is to power innovation, wherever that may be.

  • Catalog


    Fuel retail and eCommerce AI with accurate and enhanced product data. Boost traffic and conversion with a high-quality catalog. Cleanse defects and enhance attributes across a full product schema.

    • Catalog Creation and Merchant Onboarding

    • Enrichment and Defect Removal

    • Product Matching

  • Conversational AI

    Conversional AI

    Analyze user reviews, social media, and support calls to understand customer sentiment. Optimize customer support by offering quick and relevant solutions to retain customer satisfaction.

    • Chatbots

    • Voice Assistants

    • Search Query Autocomplete

  • Personalization


    Improve search relevance and provide personalized recommendations to increase conversion.

    • Product Recommendations

    • Targeted Offers

    • Ad & Query Relevance

  • Computer vision

    Computer Vision

    Maximize efficiency in stores through shelf management, staffing optimization, and theft prevention.

    • Augmented / Virtual Reality

    • Autonomous Checkout

    • Visual Search


Realize the benefits of AI for eCommerce and Retail

  • Improve operational efficiency

    Enable autonomous check-out, optimize inventory, and forecast staffing based on foot traffic trends. Partner with Scale to build and improve your operational capabilities.

  • Enhance customer experience.

    Understand customer sentiment, personalize recommendations, improve search relevance, and deliver targeted offers. With Scale, you can create the best customer experience throughout the shopping journey.

  • Maximize profitability

    Reduce cart abandonment rates, stop online fraud and in-store theft, accurately forecast demand, and increase conversion. Scale provides you cost and speed advantages to grow your business and gain an edge over competitors.


Deliver Value Faster with Deep ML Expertise

Scale helps you accelerate the development of AI across the eCommerce and retail shopping experience. We work with leaders in retail to transform the customer experience and advance innovation.

  • ML-powered data

    The Scale platform is built by machine learning engineers to significantly reduce the cost and time required to complete projects.

  • Highly trained workforce

    We have a workforce of 30,000+ highly skilled Taskers across the globe. As your data needs change or grow, we can adjust our workforce to meet your goals while maintaining a high standard for quality.

  • Data and Quality Expertise

    Our experience designing sophisticated pipelines and navigating subjective judgments ensures the highest quality data. We are partners to the world’s most ambitious AI projects and have a strong track record advancing and delivering on complex projects.

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