use cases

Fuel engagement, enhance discoverability, and drive conversion with rich product data. 

  • A product catalog

    Onboard Sellers & New Products

    ROI: Onboard sellers and/or new products in <24hrs.


    • E-Commerce AI - reduce seller burden by validating and filling in missing product attributes via Scale’s Attribute AI

  • A chat engine


    ROI: Unlock and power AI-based chat experiences


    • E-Commerce AI – large language models are vastly inferior at recommending products to users without structured attribute metadata; optimize your chat experience with key attributes

  • A search engine

    Enhance Search & Discovery

    ROI: Increase revenue by up to 20%


    • E-Commerce AI - enhance search filters, SEO, and more by tagging key attributes for all your products

  • A mobile phone with recommended products

    Improve Product Recommendations

    ROI: Boost average order value (AOV) 25%


    • E-Commerce AI – enable product matching by tagging key attributes, and identify similar products with Matching AI.

  • A computer full of ads

    Improve Ads Recall and Conversion

    ROI: Boost ads conversion by over 10%


    • E-Commerce AI – match ads to relevant products, improving click-through-rates and ad conversion by tagging key attributes.

  • Items being standarized

    Item Authority and Standardization

    ROI: Instantly generate unlimited ad creatives


    • Forge – instantly generate new, creative imagery for any type of product to optimize ad testing and conversion and PDP imagery

how it works

Powering innovation with best-in-class solutions


Deliver Value Faster with Deep ML Expertise

  • Hybrid Tech & HitL Engine

  • Category Coverage

  • Proven Scale and Size


TransformX 2022 Retail & eCommerce


How Nick Beighton Transformed ASOS by Investing in Product Catalog Data

Nick Beighton, former CEO of ASOS, discusses how he transformed the company from 200 million to 4 billion in revenue by investing in product catalog data.

Nick Beighton

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